When is Your Weekend?

As an entrepreneur, it's easy to get overwhelmed using every second of the day to be “productive”. Since we never know when that next check will come, it becomes a habit to always be on go mode. We go weeks on end without realizing that we haven't stopped working on the current project or taking on new ones. 

But when do we allow ourselves to take a break? When is it ok 

to stop thinking about the next dollar and just absorb the moment because after all, we chose this lifestyle for freedom, did we not? I have some news - If we're always working (even if it's for yourself), we're really not free. Freedom means to let go, to let the flow happen where it's enjoyable and not a burden. Don't get me wrong, we should all enjoy our work but at times we need to detach from the grind. It's healthy for our soul and creativity. 

I started streaming on Twitch in January with the understanding that I would schedule a stream every weekday at 10am. This worked out great at first. My mixes were getting tighter and I was becoming more comfortable behind the turntables but since I was also working gigs on Saturdays and Sundays, I realized I didn't have a day off to reset. I didn't have a day to go to a coffee shop, go for a walk, enjoy the weather, listen to vinyl or take some time to write a blog post about all of the above.

So I decided to cancel my morning twitch stream and make Wednesday my weekend. While everyone else is working or going to school, I will do the exact opposite to make sure I'm enjoying the more natural part of being free. I started my morning off with an hour in the gym, came home to listen to Amadis & The Ambassadors album (I'll link it below) which was gifted to me by Mr Boogie, a cool DJ from London whom I recently met in New York via our connection at Euphonica Live. While listening to the album, I was inspired to write this post, then I looked out the window and captured the sun rays which gravitated my attention in the direction of my Trek bicycle which will then lead me to taking it outside, thus enjoying the sun in real time. On that note, I'll close this laptop and practice what I'm preaching. Hopefully you can find some time to end your week and reset, even if it's just a few hours. 

Here's the Link to Amadis & The Ambassadors' 1979 Dig Deeper album. Enjoy!

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